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Friday, April 1, 2011

5000 Fan Appreciation Event
Thank you to Precious Hair Clips for participating in our 5K Fan Event! If you are the winner, you must post on the boutique's page that you won! Please remember to thank them too! First name on the list is the winner! Please remember that if you live outside the US, you may be asked to pay for the additional shipping charges.

There were 209 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

Tara Nicole Wilburn
Stacee Gentry Froning
Heather Flannagin Gillstrap
Brenna Jones
Misty Scarbrough-babb
Diana Nielsen Hawes
Ann Givens
Rachel Myers
Amy Clark
Amanda Taylor
Jamie Bishop Kelsey
Cheryl Bowles
Amy Ratliff
Renee Sylvester
Princess Mia
Our Full House
Jennifer Walters
Trish Mann
Crystal Pacarro
Jane McKnight
Heather LaChe' Lolley Godsey
Ashley Heredia
Malika Liggin
Bridgette Rosas
Hmh Kaufman
Diana Bradford Hatch
Karla Kramer
Tami Lee Cool vwlilybug
Stephanie Thomas
Amanda Michelle Stephens
Breanna Mcfarlan
Krystal Kelly Greer
Lauren Marie Martin
JC Pretties
Tearsa Keith II
Lauren Vaught Klinedinst
Michelle Combs
Jenna Barrowman
Cristy Albrinck Rogers
Barbara Bowersock Wolf
Tricia Brooks Mccarty
Whipples Page
Princess Mia
Amber DOrtega
Mistea Glass
Chrissy Panter
Renee Cromer Bryant
Jessica Ashford
April Adams Naiman
Britni Reece
Jánet Louise Harris
Jani Nelson
Melissa Ter Meer
Brandi Dvorak Sample
Ellie Winn
Susan Vaughn
Dana Denay
Aimee Walker
Kim McCord Wells
Emily Blewett
Ellen Spice
Kim Dunlap Gordon
Serena Cullen Hawes
Colleen Maurina
Paula Brown
Stacey Christiansen
Lori Schrecengost Morgan
Gloria Friedel
Marica Gray
Sarah Root
Jessica Gonzalez
Rose White
Morgan Rayl
Joy Melnyk
Meg Scott Will
Carrie Broeders Depotie
Lacy Harris Mansfield
Tabitha Kindley
Daphne Lathem Wooten
Holly Allen Domer
Sandra Van Scyoc Dupal
Jenny Cheyenne Wilson Smith
Tenea' Cannon
Ashley Brouillette
Shawna Elkins
Olivia Lambert Lasting
Jessica Archambeau DeVries
Mandy Hatch Agnello
Nicole Cet
Robin Groves Kellbach
Jenn Speir
Trish Rose
Kandace Marton
Daphne Lathem Wooten
Nikki Byrd
Rachels Creation
Anna Galanos
Jennifer Barr
Cara Schneider
Jennie Blizzard Moye
Elizabeth Bivens
Kristian Leigh
Emilie Heiderscheit Czarnikow
Brooke Fouts
Rebekka Allison Stone McGrady
Julie Grimberg
Malisa Phillips
Ciara Connell
Amber-Lynn Michelle
LaTanya Thornhill
Liz Drewel
Tiffany Chabot
Miriam Greene Hale
Stacie Gerlach
Megan Menendez
Holly Domer
Shannon Barnes Arndt
Sarah Shult
Kayla Clark-Ruhm
Jessica Waters
Shanda Clark
Kaleigh Hatfield
Bonnie Elizabeth Brown
Amber Wilson
Heather Bruggman
Amie Voges Bri Neal
Renee Lyn Caldwell Barnhart
Colette Kolbmann
Krista Cromwell
Monika Bielecki
Lydia Angel Fisher
Patricia Marie Pettipas
Lupita Soto
Jessica Bendel
Ericha Pifer
Jennifer Stephan
Megan Boyce
Karly Kramer
Pamela Lounsbury Saloga
Tanya Wheeley
Heather Jessel Carlquist
Desiree Bolton
Kimberly Deegan
Kelly Jellison
Ashleigh Harlow
Missy Pfund Haney
Denise Bradshaw
Tonda Pigman Lynk
Diandra Hinson Vega
LauraLee Petit
Jerica Murphy
Jenny M Kelley Larson
Andrea Hale Dodson
Erin Lenz Mireles
Angie Payton
Mama-Nikki Vosburgh
Virginia McGraw
Abbey Hadden Colbert
Jenn Turner
Sarah Pauls
Tanya Curtis
Tera Norman Petrigash
Tammy N William Bunn
Samantha Knight
Carol Smith
Lori Harris Overly
Libbie Bailey Powers
Teresa Nelson Parsons
Leeanne Miller
Dawn Houser Purks
Lisa Proffer
Zoe Hunter Lee
Wendy Armbruster w
Tiffaney Lindsey
Michelle Gengler
Charlie Woods
Jenny Molton
Alison Jean Malcolm
Ricki Lewis Winfrey
Janis Newberg Rogers
Michelle Danielson
Taunia Gross Welch
Michelle Amond Yost
Moniche Rodriguez-Heusler
Kelly Rollins
Elaine Wang
Tabby Duncan
Erin Nagel
Stephanie Bitzan
Brittany Seavey
Megan Mannion
Alicia Sellers
Alison Martin
Amber Keller-Beer
Jessica Leigh Daisy Moreno
Jenni Jeske
Kristen Jackson Clifford
Sheryle Hulet Bleashka
Candie Luster
Lisa Garner
Derrick Seidel Jr
Jessica Meyers
Kayleen Dean
Brandi Hudson
Erin Neu
Sarah Woodall
Melissa KDesigns
Crystal L Allen
Tiffany Turcotte

Timestamp: 2011-04-01 18:17:33 UTC


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