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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Featured Boutique – Bella Bean’s Boutique

Thank you to Bella Bean’s Boutique for being today’s featured boutique and for generously donating a custom set of wall letters!  Wow!  The lucky winner is Tera Norman Petrigash.  Congratulations!Mar. 24 - Rebeccas Ausmus Bella Bean There were 53 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Tera Norman Petrigash
  2. Janelle Voth Pooler
  3. Kelly Henault
  4. Brittany Strugala
  5. Jessica Waters
  6. Christalee Shivers
  7. Stephanie Kinkaid White
  8. Laura Kyle
  9. Paula Netherland
  10. Michelle Cleary Houser
  11. Amy Crawford Johnson
  12. Alisha Verkamp-Mckenney
  13. Charity Hooper-Spearman
  14. Mandy Turner Fenters
  15. Tamara Guillot
  16. Beverley Giberson
  17. Kay Henson
  18. Amanda Blake-Griggs
  19. Michelle Gengler
  20. Brittany Levesque
  21. Melissa Ter Meer
  22. Alicia Lewis
  23. Bobbi-Alan Van Reet
  24. Kelly Gridley
  25. Kristin Frost
  26. Autumn Eaton
  27. Crystal Bechard
  28. Brooke Gristick Cox
  29. Kelly Gagnier
  30. Brigette Parsons
  31. Stella Kiser Hineline
  32. Tiffany Pickett
  33. Faith Branson
  34. Angela Dawn Ferguson-Pennartz
  35. April Nichole Sent
  36. Melissa Miller
  37. Christine Cockcroft
  38. Lindsay Bordenkircher McKay
  39. Kimberly Seagrave Phillips
  40. DAndra Griffith Derr
  41. Jenn Mcnary
  42. Amy Fedorchak
  43. Teresa Nelson Parsons
  44. Alison Gibba Logan
  45. Katie Ann Cardino-Speed
  46. Moniche Rodriguez-Heusler
  47. Christine Creta Snyder
  48. Reyka Smith
  49. Ashley McDonald
  50. Jeannine Hovancik-Newhouse
  51. Christina Jeanne
  52. Lisa Garner
  53. Zoe Hunter Lee

Timestamp: 2011-03-25 01:46:46 UTC


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